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Dec 5, 2022 | Farm Tillage

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​​Nichols Tillage Tools Ultrawing Quick-loc Sweeps!

We’re excited to be able to offer the new Nichols Tillage Tools Ultrawing Quick-Loc Sweeps soon.

If you’re a farmer, you know that time is precious – every minute counts when it comes to getting the crop in.

The design of these sweeps saves you time and effort, so you can get back to what you do best: farming!

The New Quick-Loc Sweeps: What They Are, What They Do, How They Work

We are excited about this soon-to-be-released field cultivator sweep.

This revolutionary tool allows you to plow, cultivate and prepare the soil for crop planting faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Compatible with John Deere’s Quick-Loc style shank, this field cultivator sweep has the tried and true Ultrawing sweep geometry.

This geometry helps it work well in various soil types and conditions, allowing you to be sure that your field is ready for optimal crop growth.

Additionally, its durable construction of a long-lasting metal mix ensures that your field cultivator remains robust for years to come – perfect for getting the most out of your machine with each use.

With this field cultivator sweep from our reliable team at Manchester Farm Center, Inc., you can maximize your field’s productivity while minimizing your time and effort spent working on it.

Benefits of Using Nichols Tillage Tools Ultrawing Quick-loc Sweeps

These sweeps represent cutting-edge manufacturing technology in tillage tool manufacturing.

Nichols’ Ultrawing Sweeps are constructed for quick, easy changes to maximize efficiency.

They have a knock-on style that allows you to “knock” the sweeps into place. Install these sweeps without having to fuss around with bolts, making it easy to get back into the field as soon as possible.

Built with the highest quality material and featuring a patented design, they boast the longest-lasting cutting life of any other tillage tool on the market.

A key aspect of their superior performance is the shape of the crown and unique wing shape, which makes them extremely easy to install and secure while cutting into the soil up to 10” deep.

The distinguished nose elevation efficiently manages residue while minimizing drag, so dirt or rocks don’t bog down your tractors and planters.

Thanks to the Ultrawing Quick-Loc sweeps, you can work your fields faster and more efficiently than ever.


Ultrawing Quick-Loc sweeps are the perfect addition to your Nichols Tillage arsenal.

With their patented design and multiple benefits, they can help you get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Manchester Farm Center, Inc. is proud to offer these innovative products to our customers, so please call today to find out more!

Quick Loc Sweeps

About Nichols Tillage Tools

Nichols Tillage has been providing industry-leading, USA-made products for over 65 years.

They have built a reputation for quality and customer service dedication in that time.

Their equipment is helping farmers nationwide maintain their traditions and market success, so it’s no surprise that customers continue to come back for more.

Every one of their cultivation pieces meets or exceeds industry standards.

From tillers to harrows, they ensure every item lives up to the Nichols Tillage name before it leaves the factory.

Nichols Tillage Tools, Inc. products are consistently the best-performing, longest-lasting tillage tools on the market.

They are still the industry’s leading innovator of fresh ideas on a global scale in cultivation tools.

Nichols Tillage Tools has the perfect product for any tillage application, no matter the circumstance.

About Manchester Farm Center, Inc.

Manchester Farm Center, Inc., has been a proud provider of farming supplies since 1978.

Located in North Manchester, Indiana, we understand the importance of tradition and maintaining our customers’ success in the industry.

Supporting the farming community – small family farms and more significant commercial operations – is at the core of our mission.

We offer a wide range of products that help farmers meet the demands of the ever-changing market.

Our dedicated staff keeps up with emerging trends and technologies so our customers stay competitive and successful.

We guarantee satisfaction with every purchase – no matter how big or small – because we are committed to helping preserve a long-standing tradition for generations to come.

Please contact us today to learn more about what Manchester Farm Center, Inc. can do for you!

We look forward to hearing from you.


What equipment is used for tillage?

Equipment used to remove and loosen soil and produce the desired seedbeds is known as primary tillage equipment.

This equipment includes diverse plows, such as moldboard, disc, and chisel plows.

Secondary tillage equipment is an essential tool for agricultural management.

It helps ensure the land is in a good, nutrient-rich condition to help crops grow and reduce problems such as weed competition.

Different types of secondary tillage equipment are available, such as cultivators, harrows, rollers, or pulverizers, and tools for mulching and fallowing.

What is the purpose of tillage equipment?

Tillage devices are used for seed preparation, weed eradication, crop residue management, and elimination of surface compaction, to name a few.

What are the different types of tillage?

Primary tillage is often carried out following the most recent harvest when the soil is moist enough to permit plowing while still allowing decent traction. Certain types of soil can be plowed dry.

Primary tillage goals include achieving a suitable depth of soft soil, incorporating crop waste, eliminating weeds, and aerating the soil.

Any further tillage that utilizes fertilizers, thins the ground, levels the surface, or manages weeds is called secondary tillage.

No-till is the total avoidance of any primary or secondary tillage techniques to minimize soil disturbance throughout the year.

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